Lack of Best Answers, it's getting pretty bad...

  Have you checked the answers page lately? Take a look at the first page, I don't see a whole lot of Best Answers marked there. Not a big deal, most of them are fairly recent. Try checking the 2nd and 3rd.I don't see very many at all...  They've been there for a few days, surely at least half should be answered.

I understand that not all questions asked can be fairly answered, due to being an opinion, or just a question that doesn't need a best answer, like "What's you favorite food?"

Please, if you are reading this, and recently asked a qeustion, go back and read them. If you find something that answers your question, by all means select it as Best Answer, otherwise you are wasting their time. ( "their" meaning the people who answered your question, apparently "answerer's" isn't a word.)

Don't take this as a rant, because it certainly isn't, I'm just trying to speak on the behalf of all the people who take time to answer the community's questions. Thanks.

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acidbass7 years ago
i know man it sucks i have almost 1000 answers written and atleast 100 of them explain exactly what the person needed to hear and they are like ha ha in your face your answer is great but i am not going to choose you
I hear ya, it's a pain when someone replies and says hey thank you you've been a great help and you ask if they would select you for best answer but they never do :(

But I think it's like Lemonie says, most people who don't pick best answerers are people who just "ask and run". They ask a question then see a good answer and click away..

Meanwhile our baseball cards give poor percentage on best answer ratio...

I have 15% which is pretty much compared to some other people from who I know they answer alot of questions. I think if everyone should pick a best answer I should atleast have 40-50% or so...
Yes, but check my latest:
(I hardly deserved that, if at all)

nickodemus (author)  lemonie7 years ago
How the...

Whatever.   But I agree with you on the other comment, sadly. I think a lot of people join the site just for the Answers section, for shame...

Yes, and some of them think we have the answer to life, the universe and everything


42? :D I heard a rumor that the number stands for the added value of two dice's. And out of two dice you get "to die". The meaning of life would be to die... Still it's a heck of a movie :D Two nuclear rockets become a spermwhale and a pot of flowers :D What is that big thing I'm nearing so fast? I guess I'll call it ground! I wonder if it will be friends with me....
Movie? >blech<

Read the books or get a copy of the radio broadcasts.
That reminds me: I really have to hear the radio version.

Yes, and I liked the information in the book. The Babel Fish for one.

:p You get best answer because you asked for more information :p That is the other extreme I think although this is the first time I have seen it happen.
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