Lack of regard to personal safety or the safety of those who read a post.

I'm just wondering as to why there as so many ibles posted that are an accident just waiting to happen?

Does anyone check out as to how safe the end product will be?  Do have some kind of get out clause to stop themselves getting sued to buggery when some less than bright child does one of these and becomes a Darwin award winner?

I'm all on for the self cleansing of the gene pool by guys who blatantly disregard thier own and others health and safety. I dont believe that we should be making the the job easier by showing them how to do idiotically dangerous things.

I am an engineer by trade, I have always been aware of safety issues, but still managed to collect a fine collection of injuries and scars over the years.

If there are featured and winner banners why not one for marking the dangerous or unsafe ones?

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kymyst4 years ago
I also wonder why there is not a much stricter level of moderation applied to some of these idiotic instructables written by people who obviously have no concept of safety. I refer to the would-be chemists who do not know how to measure quantities but go ahead and tell people to "just mix some up and experiment", referring to stuff like magnesium powder and potassium nitrate, concentrated hydrogen peroxide and aluminium, etc. If they injure themselves it is no great loss but they should not be permitted to encourage others to do so. It should be obvious to anyone with an education in chemistry when the author of these pieces of drivel is not qualified to give anyone else instructions on the subject. As for making nice comments, how can anyone be positive and constructive when they are reading a recipe for disaster posted by an imbecile ?
Kiteman kymyst4 years ago
Well, you could start by politely pointing out the safe way to carry out their experiment.

After all, if our first reaction to somebody making a mistake is to insult and shun them, how would anybody learn? If you made a mistake in a lesson at school, did your teachers call you an imbecile and ban you from the school, or did they help you learn the correct way to do things?

And what about all the great self-taught scientists and craftsmen over the centuries - should they have been spurned after their first failed experiment, or wobbly chair?

kymyst Kiteman4 years ago
I have politely pointed out mistakes to a number of people, but none of them have ever replied. Maybe they have lost interest in their instructables, or they don't like being corrected. I just hope they are still alive. I am perfectly willing to offer help to anyone who is receptive, and I have never at any time insulted them. As for failed experiments, it depends how big the failure is whether they survived to carry out the next one. Plenty did not. And I'm not taliking about "wobbly chairs", but major explosions which can remove limbs, eyes and life itself.
Kiteman kymyst4 years ago
The fact that your comments are there is the important thing - future readers will see them, and take note.

(As for losing interest, a great many users post a single project, then never seem to push on to the second. (I'm not sure why, maybe they're disappointed not to go viral or win something on their first try?). Once you've done two or three, you're hooked, which is why I try and take a personal interest in helping members when they post their first or second projects.)
Ah, but we have a special section already

Dr Qui (author) 7 years ago
I'm not talking about guns or gun related posts.I have been a gun owner, and if your local authority allow you to  legally own one that is a whole section of crazy that I have no intention of interfering with.

I talking about the kids that are so dumb to the dangers of attaching a chainsaw chain around their necks as jewelry.  The design has no safety feature and is an accident just waiting to happen and the worst case scenario is decapitation.

I'm all on for the Darwinian removal of dumb kids from the gene pool, but don't anyone agree that we should not let them instruct other dumb kids of how to do the same thing.

I have crossed the path of a few other insanely dangerous ideas posted on numerous topics.

Does anyone actually check out the new instructables re their safety?

Dangerous post should be marked as dangerous or removed until such times as the safety issue has been resolved or at least the dangers have been clearly pointed out.
Kiteman Dr Qui7 years ago
Decapitated by a necklace??

How sharp do you think those teeth are??

Do you want us to add warnings to all the paper aeroplane projects that they could blind people?

How about "danger, glue will stick things together!"?

"Beware! Scissors!"

"Caution, excessive consumption may cause weight-gain!"

Speaking as a science teacher with a specific interest in risk management...


I'm sure you haven't been pinched by too much jewelry, but that definitely looks like a necklace that will pinch you in bad ways. It just doesn't looks like a really good idea especially around the neck. Not dangerous necessarily but not good either.

A little girl a few months ago lost her hand due to a balloon.  She had it tied to her wrist and was playing with it in a moving car.  She let it outside the window where it got caught on something and sheered her hand off instantly.  I'm sure it seems obvious in hindsight, but I am not so sure it would occur to me how dangerous that situation was because it's a balloon on crappy ribbon tied rather loosely to a little girl's hand.  When it comes to a project with a bit more obvious risks, maybe it's a good idea to go ahead and mention those risks such as rather nasty pinching around someone's neck where the skin is a bit sensitive.
canida7 years ago
All projects have an element of risk, but many can and are done safely with proper tools, experience, and safety precautions. The more difficult and potentially dangerous a project, the more careful an author should be in describing exactly what is required to complete it safely.

If something is intrinsically unsafe, we don't allow it on the site.

That said, the most dangerous Instructables are probably in the Food section - knives are sharp!
Agreed, I have gotten most of my injuries from cooking in terms of ibles, worst being two burns across my arm from the oven rack that still feel odd, didn't want to drop the pizza...
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