Lancer Instructional video

Here it is.

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bakenbitz (author)  silentassasin218 years ago
Oh yeah, sorry I forgot, just watch it backwards.
wow, your cool.
bakenbitz (author)  FrOnTLiNe8 years ago
Wow, your comment is utterly useless. This video is for people like you who don't shut up about me posting instructions.
Do you need an inhaler?
razzlekunai8 years ago
What? Backwards? Reverse? @_@ How is that possible?
I tried it, and it Really works! OMG Now i haf 1 lancer!!!!!1 jk
super lolzorz i made liek twenty of them as i has like lotz an lotz of knexs Pwned!
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Sorry, but this kinda dropped the knex community down a notch. I was expecting something on how your Lancer worked, it may have impressed me. I could only quote "3:04 minutes of my life wasted". It wouldn't work even if you retitled it Lancer entertainment video. Fail.
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