Laptop LCD harveting

Hello humans. Here's the dealie. I have and older vaio laptop. The keyboard is going bad and the hard drive is also being foolish. In any case I don't want/use/need it anymore, but I would like to harvest the monitor and use it as a secondary for my other computer. I cant kind much on the subject. I pretty much need to know what to do to allow me to plug it into another computer and work. alrighty. thats all, thanks humans. -Bjorn

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iman9 years ago
this will fix your hard drive as long as it isn't a hardware problem like odd clicking or whining sounds

the keyboard problem can be fixed with a external keyboard

Tanners9 years ago
dang I was hoping to find a solution here iv trying to figure out what to do we my completely disfunctional laptop
desolder the smts and make keyrings
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CameronSS9 years ago
If you could find a cheap laptop hard drive, you could hack it into a digital picture frame. It requires very little functionality on the part of the laptop, just the ability to start up and display images.
youd still need the motherboard and psu. not just the hdd
Obviously--What I meant was that he needed to find a new HDD to replace the one that is acting up.
tech-king9 years ago
sorry. you cannot do this. the decoder card in the laptop cannot be slavaged, and costs more than a second screen
greenlocomotive (author)  tech-king9 years ago
Is it that It is impossible for me to remove the decoder card? even if it the computer had no problems? and is their some way I can hack the screen to display the content from another computer? hmm I hate to throw away half screwy computers.
there is no way to salvage it. there are 100+ connections between the chip and the motherboard. however, you can still use it do display pictures of your vacation. and i think its reparable the keyboard is bad- have a technician remove it and either replace it or clean under it. the hard drive is stupid- reformat, maybe even to linux. can you give the cpu/ram specs?