Laptop Password Help

OK, so I'm typing on this laptop...

It was assigned to Kitewife by an ex employer who seems to have forgotten they assigned it to her several years ago.

If they ever ask for it back, we will happily hand it back, but they treated Kitewife very badly for quite some time before she left, so we have forgotten that we have it.

Anyhoo, it works OK, little slow, but fine for the boys to use. Except that it's software hasn't been updated for at least three years. There are whole chunks of the internet that are invisible to it. The Flash, Java, Adobe, even the anti-virus are stupidly out of date.

Unfortunately, the laptop has an admin password.

Now, I could ask Kitewife's ex employer what the password is, but they might remember that she has it.


Any ideas?

I've had a look at the various password "hack" ibles, but they haven't been any help.

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Back it up and then reformat the drive and reinstall the OS (you said antivirus so I'm guessing windows). If it is too slow you might want to try linux (or have both)
Use a license key extractor (stfw) to show you the current windows OS key. Then use that key and reinstall the operating system. That way it won't be cluttered up with all the work stuff. Same deal if it has Office installed on it. Or just go out and buy yourself a legitimate copy of the OS and set it up from scratch.
I believe you can reset the pw if you boot up into DOS.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. IIRC, UBCD has a password reset utility.
. Or use Password Renew (included with UBCD) by itself. I haven't tried it, but if it comes with UBCD, it should do the job.
. Oops. It doesn't work stand-alone.
Kiteman (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
That sounds like what I need, but the password renew says "NT" - this laptop is running XP. Do you reckon it will still work?
. Should. IIRC, XP is based on NT.
and 98 and 95 and 3.1 and DOS:P
well if it doesn't work, go ahead and re-instal the OS, it's pretty easy to do, i can give you a link to a couple downloads
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