Laptop Problems(IBM ThinkPad)

Hey guys,I was recently given an IBM ThinkPad when my mom replaced her laptop,and I am experiencing problems.When I boot,it goes fine.Then when the Welcome Screen appears the screen gets real dim.I have experienced the same problem when I run resource intensive loads,i.e playing games in fullscreen,and it happens when I close the cover.Anyway,sometimes if I reboot instantly,the whole screen becomes black,I don't even see the IBM bios splashscreen.Anyway,it's over my head.I would appreciate any help.I am writing from a cybercafe now,and I can't look at the specs of the laptop now.I will look when I goback home and update this ASAP.

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well i think thats the main reason why your mom replaced her laptop! lol one good solution is to find and put the drivers of the laptop on the CD and format its whole hard disk and reinstall windows, it may help. and if it does not then there is something wrong with the hardware such as the BIOS in the motherboard or CPU. and maybe the OS version is a burden on this PC maybe you have to install an older OS for it to work, you have to see the specifications of your thinkpad first of course such as the ram, CPU speed, graphics card...
Derin (author)  SCRIPTmaster9 years ago
ya that was why she replaced it,it began cutting out.well,we did that.I suspect the problem is the VGA card or the LCD board,well im gonna look at the specs now
Derin (author)  Derin9 years ago
ok,here goes
  • 120mb ram
  • 1.20GHz cpu
  • 16gb hd
  • shared gpu(the ram for the gpu is the system ram)
aeromancy Derin9 years ago
What is the model number?
Derin (author)  aeromancy8 years ago
lemme see*looks at bottom of laptop* Type 2656 IBM ThinkPad with TrackBall
aeromancy Derin8 years ago
Here is the troubleshooting page for a similar problem from IBM.
are you running windows xp on it? if you are then running xp on a PC with such specs is a problem since a PC with such specs cant tolerate running an OS such as windows xp. windows xp needs at least 256 mb of ram to function properly and a CPU speed a little better than 1.20 ghz or else the PC would be really sluggish and does a lot of crashing and may not boot properly! if you have xp on that PC then a good solution would be format and installing windows 98 instead(it would be much better and much more realistic). Actually from the specs above one could easily conclude that this model was not initially designed to work on xp it had windows 98 pre- installed on the PC when it was bought right?
Derin (author)  SCRIPTmaster9 years ago
it had xp
Derin (author)  Derin9 years ago
it even says "designed for windows xp" on it
if i were in your place, then i would wipe off any windows OS of my system and install Damn Stupid Linux(DSL) OS as it needs minimal system requirements, it will run very fast on a PC with specs same as yours and it looks good and has everything you want, and its for free! check it out and download it here
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