Laptop hack?

I have a averatec laptop that dosnt work any more, i have taken it apart and was wondering what can i do with it? i was thinking about a lcd picture frame or something like that. im new to instructables and would love to have some info on an idea to do with this thing.

Have you figured out exactly what is wrong with it?
And, what are its other stats?
Also, a controller to make it into an lcd frame will be about as expensive as a new lcd frame. Unless your laptop works well enough to do this Instructable.
wiccanman82 (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
The only thing that works on it is the screen. i dont want to throw it away but im not sure what to do with it. i wonder if i can make a second screen for my desktop
Wow, it won't even boot up or read its HDD? If it can boot up, you could do this Instructable...