Large DC motor

I'm looking for a relatively cheap motor that would be large enough to spin around a nerf Vulcan. I don't know much about what kinds of motors would be good, or where I could get them. From what I've found, they're not that common and they're super expensive. Does anyone know where I could get one for under 100 dollars?
It doesn't need to be fast.

Thank you in advance for your help.

lewisb424 years ago
Harbor Freight sells a cordless drill for about $20 that can be disassembled for the motor and gearbox (and battery). The combat robot people often use them as a cheap source of drivetrain motors. I would think it'd be plenty big enough for your needs (maybe too big).

This guy has a tutorial on how to "liberate" the gearmotor from a cheap drill:
alecnotalex (author)  lewisb424 years ago
Thank you! That looks perfect!