Large Diameter Coil Winding

My picturers are a mosaic of steps to take when winding coils on PVC electrical conduit.

Uses include Tesla coils, flow sensors, and antennas.


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Picture of Large Diameter Coil Winding
Half way home, 04 20 12.JPG
06 19 12 4.JPG
Note the orientation of the wire transport wheels 04 18 12.JPG
1 07 14 12.JPG
06 19 12 new thread interval.JPG
caitlinsdad3 years ago
So what is this 10ft wound pole going to be used for?
JohnHagy (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
Hello ! The primary use for the ten foot coil is for a restricted-space antenna. By restricted-space I mean a compromise between a long wire suspended by posts or trees and a short, effective coil. Of course the Tesla coil builder community is always interested in any large coil form that can be used as a secondary coil support for HIGH voltage output ! Another application which is a bit esoteric involves using a coiled tube section in a flow sensor application where the metalic content of material flowing through the tube is monitored for contamination or mimimg slurry contest. Hopefully I have answered your question. Thank you for your interest. Best, JohnHagy