Large pictures appear fuzzy

I've noticed that a lot of my pictures in my instructables appear fuzzy, blurry, or just plain compressed.  I suppose that's because they are.  I like to upload large images (720x1280, for example), but it would seem that when they get shrunken down to fit the instructable, a lot of the quality is lost.  In fact, a 300x500 pixel image ends up looking better!

So what can be done about this?  I could definitely upload smaller pictures, but I really would like to have the large ones there for people to see should they want to.  I suppose the root of the matter is that I don't want people to think I'm posting lousy pictures when it's just the jpeg compression working against me.

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gmoon7 years ago
Resizing by a large percentage leads to sub-par results. I'm sure "robot" reduces image size in one swoop. It's better to reduce in steps for large size changes. (By way of example, there's a Photoshop "Action" floating around that downsizes in steps of 10%, and that works well.)

For the scripting here, there is probably an optimum-sized original that yields the best result. And higher quality settings can't hurt.

The original uploaded images seem unchanged. Users can always access those.

If Ibles every releases a second book, you don't want to go too small with the originals... ;-)
jeff-o (author)  gmoon7 years ago
Good info. And yes, the original images are untouched.

OK, I'll start uploading full quality images then. It'll take longer, but so be it.
I use pixresizer to squash images from my camera today the same size and they're fine, jpeg seems to be the best format for ibles, I'll take a look at your ibles and add a comment below letting you know.
You need to raise the save quality so they're less compressed, image size Isaiah separate thing from quality.
jeff-o (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
Yeah, when exporting from iPhoto I usually choose medium quality, large size. Perhaps from now on I'll choose high quality, medium size.

Or, you know, maximum everything. I've got a 6MP camera so none of the pictures are ever much more than 3MB each.
I wouldn't have the patience for that, the size is fine, maybe try uploading one with maximum quality, less compression is important in jpeg as the noise and artifacts are cumulative. Though it it's still bad then try another program or digital inclusion to the advanced settings.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. I can think of two things that might trigger Robot to degrade your pics:
1) Too big (too many bytes) and Robot compresses them.
2) Aspect ratio of you pics is different than what Robot uses and he doesn't do a good job of resizing them.
. Just guessing.
It keeps aspect ratio the same, I used my phone for some 'ibles and it shoots 16:9 photos which look dead on. Also the size is well within the standards I use for upload and they work perfectly. (SLR shoots 2mb files, no thanks for the upload.)
Ninzerbean7 years ago
I almost always use a tripod too.
jeff-o (author)  Ninzerbean7 years ago
So do I, when required. But I think it's mostly to do with the automatic picture resizing. A large picture that looks great is uploaded, but when you view the auto-resized version on the page it looks bad.
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