Laser Cutter Advice

Hi all,
I am looking at buying a 2nd hand Versalaser VL-200 laser cutter. It has the air filter base. The unit was made in 2006.
I do not know much about these things yet. Can anyone offer any thoughts, opinions or pearls of wisdom before I spend lots of my hard earned cash?
Thanks in advance,

Are the mirrors clean ? Scratchfree ? Do the ZnSe lenses look clear or are they sooty or misty.

If you get a chance at test cuts, check the cutting capacity matches the manufacturer's figures, so you know the tube is working OK.

Check the cuts are straight and perpendicular.

Take a precision vernier, and do a "square" cut test. Is it ?

waynevanwijk (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Thanks Steve,
I will look at the things that I can. The machine will be unplugged and unable to be tested. I spoke to a previous employee who said that it was all OK. I hope she is right.
Optics then Wayne,if they're clean and scratch-free, its been looked-after.