Laser Cutter Finalists- Master List

Due to the incredible number of fantastic projects entered in the contest, we've decided to name 15 finalists! Yes, you'll all get the same finalist prize (or a laser cutter)- congratulations for making it so hard to judge!

We've still got 20 prizes to give away to the runners-up- they'll be posted when the final winner is announced!

Now, the rest of you get to VOTE to help us decide the ultimate winner of the Laser Cutter Contest! Each finalist, listed alphabetically below by username, has an individual Forum post with links to his/her projects in the Laser Cutter Contest Finalists Group. You'll have noticed the Forum posts are now ratable- follow the links below, then click the + button to vote for your favorites! Voting ends Thursday July 12, 2007.

Leave nice, constructive comments- this is a great opportunity to ask more questions to help you cast your votes.

crabfu for Steam Turbine Tank
dave spencer for erupting Volcano Birthday Cake
Honus for How to make a Green Lantern ring- including a glowing version!
jabroutin for personal powerPlant
jeffkobi for Retro Hi-Fi Project
Kasey for Compubeaver --> How to case-mod a beaver - in 29 easy steps!
lkrasnow for Precision Puzzlemaking Primer -- Volume 1
mikejedw for Pringles Wind Turbine (Pleech) - Version One
mydian_nightshade forFurniture grade cocktail arcade cabinet
mzed for Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array
nemomatic for Giant Squid kinetic sculpture from found materials
orthonormal_basis_of_evil for EMP shopping cart locker
Stuart.Mcfarlan for How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)
talbotron22 for DIY Kitty Crack: ultra-potent catnip extract
turkey tek for Interactive Multitouch Display

Note that this is only a part of the judging, so if you're a finalist don't stress too much over it. It's a chance for our entire community to have their voices heard.

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FreakCitySF10 years ago
Wow pringles can 59 followed by 3 axis cnc 41 somebody has a lot of friends.
Or a lot of classmates. He plans to donate it to his school if he wins.
Bit of both! When I saw I was nominated, I sent an email to some of my friends from school. The Communication Design and Technology Department at Parsons is a very DIY-oriented kind of program, and a lot of my classmates post their school work up here, too, like the Wax Tag, the moss bomb, LED Bike Helmet, and many others--one of our graduates co-developed LED Throwies. After my email went out, it went viral among my "maker" friends, and their maker friends, and their maker friends...

Naturally, I was as stoked as anyone about the prospect of a laser cutter, but my fellow students and faculty are also an incredibly supportive group of people. We visit each other's shows, concerts, installations, you name it. If the prize was a hot fudge sundae and a pat on the back, they'd still vote en masse.

Props to every one of 'em! I didn't win, but I definitely felt the love.
Loved your project and it's good to hear that you're a part of such a supportive community. That's worth more than any one item, that's for sure.
or ...
FreakCitySF10 years ago
three axis machine 26 in the lead followed by personal power plant 24 Doesn't the personal power plant team have access to eyebeam labs, which has a laser cutter? Can't "3 axis" attach a laser instead of a dremel? What I mean to say he's talented enough to make his own laser cutter lol Ikea speakers is still 0 common guys a few extra sympathy votes? This forum is rated higher currently than Ikea. Might be easier to send everyone an email and they can cast 1 vote.
mzed FreakCitySF10 years ago
>Ikea speakers is still 0 >common guys a few extra sympathy votes? :-) pleez?
I think it would be worthwhile to point out the following quote from above. "Note that this is only a part of the judging, so if you're a finalist don't stress too much over it. It's a chance for our entire community to have their voices heard." So, like it says, don't stress out about it. The signal to noise on these scores is so small (having a boyfriend increases your score by 5% compared to those without boyfriends, for instance). No reasonable statistician could possibly take the scores seriously as reliable indicators of a project's quality. If you really feel strongly about a project, a (constructive, not bashing) comment will probably be far more influential to the projects chances of winning than a vote. Of course, I've been saddened by some of the more mean spirited comments posted in this contest, so I'd personally ask that they actually "be nice", but I'm a nutcase libertarian, so do whatever you will.
ewilhelm10 years ago
The result are up! Check them out here in the Instructables blog!
odecom510 years ago
its getting to be about that time! :) good luck to all the finalists, and godspeed! (unless i missed it and am looking in the wrong place for it? thanks for the great instructables guys! I have bookmarked 7 of them to try for myself :)
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