Laser Diode Pinout. 4 pins??!!

Hi, I got a DVD Player at an auction, in fully working condition, for $10. So, since I already had one, I decided to remove the insides, and extract the laser diode within. I did so, expecting to have just a normal 50-200mw 3-pin red diode. Instead, I have a 4-pin diode, of unknown wavelength, color, and power. Would anyone happen to have a pinout for it? The pins are arranged as below in the picture.

Picture of Laser Diode Pinout. 4 pins??!!
Go to this web site:


Enter DL-3100 in the search.

Download the datasheet.

The pin out will match with the laser lenses. 

Astinsan6 years ago
http://photonicsguy.ca/projects/405nmlaser has a pinout. It also includes the driver circuit plans.
http://laserpointerforums.com/attachments/f38/23164d1252150941-what-technical-specs-ir-diodes-phr-wavelenght-current-voltage-power-phr-redir1.jpg may be the same