Laser Etching at Web 2.0 Expo

We've been at the Web 2.0 conference using our Epilog to laser etch all sorts of things for free. The biggest job that we did was a complete tattoo on a brand new MacBook Pro that a gadget blogger from Chile bought the previous day just for this! It was the biggest job of the show and took 26 minutes to do. Other etches usually take a lot less time as most people are etching phones (lots of iPhones).

Check out some of our awesome pictures. Bring in your gear tomorrow, and we'll give it a tattoo too!

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Picture of Laser Etching at Web 2.0 Expo
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Brennn109 years ago
Here is a fun video I found on YouTube of canida .

annmichael9 years ago
Thanks so much for etching my Mac! It was great to meet some of you and fun to ward off the floor police while you finished up the last few etchings!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Cool! I can't wait to build my laser cutter!
Then you'll send it to me. you can pay for the parts, build it, test and send it back. (BTW, Happy birthday)
Brennn109 years ago
Are you guys going to be at the New York Expo in September?
fungus amungus (author)  Brennn109 years ago
We have no plans for it right now.
mmalecky9 years ago
I was lucky enough to have access to a laser engraver a few years back during high school. I etched damn near every single thing I owned, and all my friend's things too. Calculators, cell phones, maglites, cutting out custom plastic keychains, you name it.
Patrik9 years ago
Nice plug on Craze in that second link ( Another happy customer).

Seems like you guys are really creating a lot of buzz and goodwill, just by bringing in the Epilog - good investment! :-D
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