Laser TV Anyone?

While echo_anomie's laser projector is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Contest, a full-color laser projection TV was announced at CES. The LaserTV is coming from Mitsubishi and even though it's a 65-inch beast and is rear projection the footprint isn't that bad and the price is set to be on par with LCDs and plasmas of the same size.

At home I watch movies on a 20" Daewoo that I picked up from Best Buy a few years ago because I needed it for work. It works fine enough for me, but I do like to keep tabs on the new tech so I occasionally go and check out the monster TVs that Best Buy likes to push. So far the colors and viewing angles haven't completely sold me enough to drop several hundred or a couple thousand just so I can enjoy the occasional DVD a little more.

Still, I'm curious as to how these will look and maybe, just maybe, in a few years I might buy one. What do you guys think? And no discussing the depth please because these aren't that deep and nobody really moves their huge TVs around.

link with slightly NSFW pics

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royalestel10 years ago
I'm still waiting for the LED backlit displays of Brightside tech. They just got bought out by Dolby (Dang! Should have invested!)
whatsisface10 years ago
Get the huge flatscreen that's currently at CES, then viewing angles don't matter because no matter where you are you'll be right in front of it ;)
LOL yeah its 150" plasma TV. Would have a very high power bill!
Yeah I can only imagine, a 40 inch plasma can use around 400-500 watts. A 150"?? That would be like taking a power bar and filling it up with hair dryers..