Laser beam security

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and here is my question: How do I find the schematic for the laser beam home security system? Using the step by step explanation the schematic is not displayed. Regards HtG

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HermantheGerman (author) 9 years ago
Hi guyfrom7up and Kiteman,

I guess it is kipkays' project. The link is easy:

I clicked it in a blog of electronics-lab. Sorry, I don't know more.

Hope this is of any use.

Selecting kipkays' homepage I only see bicycles.


The link you gave is this site's main title page, not the project.

If it's one of Kipkay's projects, try contacting him through his site, but be careful. He has some sort of hero-worshipping following on the web, even here, but he has an arrogant disregard for safety and legal concerns.

In my opinion, he is not a good example of the modern Maker.

And his voice is so boring!
you are just jealous of kipkays awesomeness.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
Kiteman9 years ago
It would help if you could add a link to the project you're having trouble with?