Laser burn to the eyes

On Saturday morning my eyelids will be pulled back by retractors and held open, ethanol will be poured into my eyes, a flap of epithelial (outer layer of the eye) will be peeled back to reveal the cornea, then an Eximer laser will burn the surface of the cornea. Apparently, the burning smell can be quite unpleasant :-/ Has anyone else had laser eye surgery? Cheers, Pat. Pending

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LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
someone should do an instructable "diy lasik"

laser cutter + eyes = pain +damage

don't do it!!
Brennn1010 years ago
Im only 15, and I cannot wait till I get my eyes lasered. Contacts and glasses are dreadful.
contacts can be ok... depends on the person. I had glasses by age twelve. Finally got contacts during my senior year in HS. 25+ years in contacts, played hard, had fun,wore them through EVERYTHING. Now age has set in and I've had to go over to glasses. I've been in glasses (bifocals) 1.5 years now and they SSuuucK. Do I have a point? Try out contacts for a summer- live fast and hard. If they work stay with 'em. If they are a pain in the ass, get your eyes lasered as soon as your doc recommends. Having 30-40 years of good vision... Just think about how that might change the way your life plays out? No matter what, at some point you will end up in glasses, it might as well be later in life when your hair is gone and you've given up on looking good. -Sigh...
Kiteman10 years ago
Personally, I cannot see the point in laser eye surgery, since it is effectively a temporary measure. Whether you are short or long sighted, the ageing process involves a stiffening of the cornea which results in a natural shift towards long-sightedness. No matter how successful the procedure is now, you will eventually need glasses or lenses when you are older (the tendency to longsight kicks in around middle age and continues to worsen for the rest of your life). Of all cosmetic surgeries perpetrated for purely cosmetic reasons, eye surgery is the most pointless, exposing you to the greatest non-fatal risk (blindness) for the least return (a temporary relief from artificial lenses). If your main reason for undergoing the op is to be able to see during water-sports, wear goggles. I wear ordinary swimming goggles over lenses when I swim, mainly to prevent me rubbing the lenses out unconsciously because of chlorine irritation. If I did it a lot, or still wore spectacles, I would simply invest in a pair of optically-corrected goggles.
. Hmmmmm. My coronary bypasses aren't permanent, either - doctors said they'd last only 5-10 years. A lot more trauma involved with open-heart surgery, too. . As someone who has worn glasses/contacts for 45 years (started when I was 6 yo), I don't think I'd call corrective eye surgery cosmetic. Elective, but not cosmetic. . Yikes! Had the heart surgery 7 years ago. Hope the warranty is still good.
Wow. I had heart surgery a few years back, but not open chest stuff. It was pretty damn scary then, and all they did was put a laser through my veins and scorch part of my heart (I had AVNRT). I love modern medicine =]
jtobako Kiteman10 years ago
For me, the cost of surgery (laser or radial keritotomy) is getting close to the price of 5-10 years of lenses. Even a reduction in weight of glass (well, polycarbonate) would be significant. Then again, my eye doctor keeps promising new lens implants when my cataracts fully develop in 5-10 years.
thebluemartyr10 years ago
my mom got it done, she really enjoyed the results although in her age her sight is going again. i say do it, the results are really great.
Bran10 years ago
So, by laser eye surgery, I take it you mean LASIC, so you don't need to wear glasses or contacts?
Patrick Pending (author)  Bran10 years ago
My wife had LASIK a few weeks ago, I'm actually getting LASEK it has a different way of creating the epithelial flap. My eyes aren't really that bad but I use glasses or contacts for driving and watching TV. My biggest motivation for getting it done is so that I won't need to wear glasses/contacts when I go out on my sea kayak. Cheers, Pat. Pending
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