Laser conversion from pointer to burn

I could have sworn I saw an instructable on converting a regular laser pointer (low wattage type) into one that would burn (if only a little), i.e. increase it's power output, but now I am finding it impossible to locate. Has it been removed? Are there not proper tags to help me weed out the other half million laser projects? Have I lost my memory and there never was such a project? inquiring minds want to know...

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Maybe survival instinct blocked it out, like the way I keep forgetting where I put the blowtorch after a few beers...
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
Well, I couldn't find it here with the search tool, so maybe it WAS somewhere else as dontgoogle wrote
I can just imagine: "Hey has anyone seen the blowtorch? I just really feel like burning something." That was awesome.
I don't know... Sometimes it seems very important I find it... So far it's been like cooking while drinking, stick a kebab menu to the fridge and one on the oven, saves me a lot of destruction...
dontgoogle8 years ago
it should be one of the videos on the "shooting eggs" channel on metacafe. turns normal $15 dollar laser into one that can light a match
DebH578 years ago
I haven't seen it but I think it would make a great I'ble Goodhart
Goodhart (author)  DebH578 years ago
Ah it would if it
#1: worked,
#2: didn't significantly lessen the life of the laser diode which I fear it might :-)
DebH57 Goodhart8 years ago
Aw come on Goodhart - it's a guy thing (like not asking for directions) - you will figure it out.
Goodhart (author)  DebH578 years ago
Um, maybe not (I ask for directions when I don't know where I am at ;-)

*chuckle* I am weird that way.....and I pick up the underwear my wife drops on the floor throughout the house, an the wadded up papers that miss the trash can when she tossed them here and there, do the wash, etc. & etc. ;-)
DebH57 Goodhart8 years ago
Are you for hire?
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