Laser cutter

I was wondering where people in the UK get there laser cutting done?

Every other instructable worth doing seems to be done on a laser cutter. so where might i be able to get some work done?

stupidityisanart (author) 5 years ago
thank you. hackerspaces would be a great way for me to meet like minded people to discuss projects to see what other people are doing. I think I have to work and plan my ideas out, and plan something simple for my first laser project.

i am in peterborough at the moment (so middle england) .
There's a list of official Hackspaces, and you could investigate joining in with a Dorkbot group.

(see the "reply" button?)
Kiteman5 years ago
Where are you? A lot of Hackerspaces have access to laser cutters etc.

I ran into Martin Raynsford at the Derby Mini Maker Faire - you could drop him an email to talk about what you need.

(He knocked up some custom Poong Sticks for me - see the picture)
Poong stick laser cut.JPG
PM me.