Laser cutter software issue

I use a laser cutter that runs on LaserCut 5.3

To create my files, I draw in Inkscape, save as a DXF file, then import that into Lasercut5.3

Unfortunately, importing into LaserCut5.3 creates artifacts in my files - polygons are created where none were before, and lines are invisibly doubled up, meaning that the laser cuts some lines twice, which wastes time, energy, and can spoil a project if a line goes too deep.

Two typical examples are below.
  • In an ideal world, the "e" would come out as two continuous lines (inside & outside).  Intead, it comes out as three lines, and the straight parts of the lines are "doubled over" - it cuts twice.
  • Where two or more straight lines are contiguous, like the "k", the sections gain extra lines that break it up into smaller polygons. (I have shown the extra lines in red).

Both cases are fixable, on a file-by-file basis, but, in the clunky LaserCut5.3, the fix can take longer than the original design.

Has anybody else experienced this issue, and how did you fix it?

Picture of Laser cutter software issue
DXF Issue 2.jpg
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mikeasaurus2 years ago

Does it happen when you import vectors from another program into LaserCut?

Kiteman (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago

I haven't tried that yet, since I have been avoiding paying out hundreds on Corel etc.

AutoCAD is free to students and educators (which you are, right?). PM me and we can chat off thread about options.

I use the same program, and always "unite lines" - I don't see these artefacts.

Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

I was when I united lines that I discovered the double-line issue described in the "e".

What software do you use to create your DXF files?

Usually straight from "proper" CAD, like GeoMagic, but I also use a lot of Coreldraw stuff, and that exports cleanly too.
Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

So, that points to it being an Inkscape issue, rather than a LaserCut5.3 issue, thanks.

Well, I do not have a laser cutter (yet) but I do know what you are talking about :)
A few questions: Does the DXF file look right when opening with another program or viewer?
I noticed that some programs love to mess up cad files on export.
If the look ok: Do the look ok when imported into your cutting software?
From your image I would say the laser does not know when to turn off, like the blanking is disabled for short travel distances.

Do you have an option to see the cutting on the screen in real time?
If you see the laser working correctly and moving correctly but not being turned off if these cross section it is your laser cutting software that needs tweaking.

Kiteman (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

I haven't tried opening the DXF in any other software yet (such as?), but they look OK when I re-open them in Inkscape.

It is as they are imported into the cutter software that the issues arise, not when running the cut. The laser does exactly what it's told, but, unfortunately, the software in my laptop (not the cutter's firmware) sometimes tells it to do extras.

Maybe you can give Visicut a try to check if it cuts and better?

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