Laser cutting and engraving machine

hey i wanted to ask you people that has any one used Epilog Mini 18"x12" company's (U.S.A.) laser cutting and engraving machine as am planning to buy in sometime so i want to know hows its performance :) as am from india so suggest me accordingly

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The Epilog is what we've used here for quite a while. The power supply has been having some issues lately, but it was great before that. Pretty much every mention of a laser cutter in here was of an Epilog Mini.
dj_square (author)  fungus amungus9 years ago
thanks for your reply, what were the issues with power supply explain me briefly... and what did you mean by "Pretty much every mention of a laser cutter in here was of an Epilog Mini."
I'm not sure what the power supply problem was. I should be fixable, though.

I meant that most of the projects on the site that use a laser cute were done in our shop and involved an Epilog Mini.

"laser cute" = "laser cutter" of course
dj_square (author)  fungus amungus9 years ago
hey thanks for your reply brother as i was planning to buy this machine in some days so i wanted a help from you people. and please can you tell me what will be the cost of this machine and is this machine a hardy one for working and worth buying??
I think the Minis start at $10k. Another machine to look at is the VersaLaser which has a 16"x12" bed and starts at $7,500.

Here's a discussion of pros and cons.
dj_square (author)  fungus amungus9 years ago
thanks for your reply brother
dj_square (author) 9 years ago
need a reply and waiting for 1
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i guess nobody is interested