Laser etching pics from web 2.0

Check out some of the different etchings people had us do at the Web 2.0 expo.

We were definitely the coolest booth there -- here's proof.

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Patrik9 years ago
Wow - you guys have been busy! I'm going to have to do some serious thinking about what I'd like to get decorated at Maker's Faire. Work laptop? - Nope. Crappy Vista home laptop? - NOPE! Dinky non-camera cell phone because work doesn't allow cameras on the premises - Nah. That leaves, what - my glasses? :-D
If only I lived with you...
Hmm... I totally need something on my work computer. That was you with the wooden bowls at Yuri's night, right? Didn't get to properly meet out there. Be sure to say hi when you're at Maker Faire. I should be there all day Saturday. Sunday I'll be at my wife's birthday party doing flying trapeze.
Which reminds me - I should really put my pictures of the bowls online at some point.

I'll definitely drop by on Saturday. Carla may or may not be there as well, but her cell phone definitely will be, if you know what I mean...

Flying trapeze, eh? I think you owe us an instructable. Unless that was a euphemism, of course... ;-)
Heh, no it's not a euphemism. We'll be going to Circus Center in San Francisco. Apparently, it's one of only a couple places you can do it.
Karv9 years ago
When and where will you be doing this again?
Patrik Karv9 years ago
Very Cool! I am going to bring something to the make faire. :)
Awesome. We'll engrave it!
Cool! Should I just bring a jpeg of a jump drive or something? Thanks
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