Laser pointers illegal (NSW)

According to Reuters, laser pointers are now classed as 'prohibited weapons' and you either get a permit or risk 14 years in jail...

Nothing like owning a new DVD player and wondering if it will get you arrested : )

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sharlston8 years ago
i heard the same thing i think if you point it to aircrafts it could do something or if you point it in someones eyes
doesn't it say on a big shiny sticker not to shine it in anyones eyes? geez, either theyre getting stupider or they just dont feel like reading the big red square on the package
jtobako (author)  zack2477 years ago
Never been to high school, have you? Very educational on the intelligence and empathy level of the population :(
zack247 jtobako7 years ago
nah, im going into high school next year
A small number of people in the UK have been prosecuted for shining laser pointers at landing airliners.
mmmmmmm i wonder why does it blind the pilot or something?
Yes. Read the article ;)
Potentially, depending on the laser used. It certainly dazzles them, stopping them seeing their instruments etc.
Plasmana8 years ago
Heh, what makes them 'a weapon'?
bounty10128 years ago
Weapon how?
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