Laser rangefinder

Hi, I would like to put together a laser rangefinder, with LCD display, that can measure distance to the objects out to about 600y, with accuracy of +/- 1 y. I know absolutely nothing about electronics. Can somebody tell me what components would I need? regards, dejan

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mzungu5 years ago
mzungu5 years ago
Ivraine10 years ago
You have a great idea! I think it needs a little revising though... like instead of LCD, use LED, and you should use an ultrasonic sensor. If you want an ultrasonic sensor go to digi-key, or, and you can find LED's there to, no ideas on how to do it though, sorry. I think you should, instead of making your own, get a crappy $30-250 range finder, rip it apart, find how it works, and then take out the range finding stuff and make it do something else as well.
Ultrasonic will not go out to 600 yards. That is why commercial units use laser. Laser is more accurate also. This is not a project I'd choose as off the shelf units are surely much less expensive than a home brew one-off in this territory. Now hacking off the shelf stuff might be fun.
COROVICD (author) 10 years ago
thanks guys, I think I'll start with LED flashlight. What would be a good beginner's next project involving those little black chips with some logic inside? Those with many legs. I'll need to understand them as well. cheers, dejan
whatsisface10 years ago
If you know nothing about electronics, you probably won't be able to rig up and LCD display, never mind a laser rangefinder.
Sorry, I don't like to discourage people, but I'm afraid whatsisface is right. That is far too ambitious a project for someone without any basic electronic knowledge. Cheers, Pat. Pending
COROVICD (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
Ok, Everybody has to start somewhere. I am a programmer so I have to work out, how things work, all the time. I know that I need emitter (laser) + receiver (sensor) + timer + processor (to convert time into distance) + LCD ( there are instructions here on this web site ) Just need somebody to select components for me. regards, dejan
Everybody has to start somewhere

That's what I am getting at, a laser rangefinder is definitely not the place to start.

I am a programmer so I have to work out, how things work, all the time.

If I was a brain surgeon (without any previous programming knowledge) and I wanted to write a computer based payroll system, what would you advise?

In order to construct something complex (in any field) you need to understand all the simple basic things; otherwise, they would trip you up every step of the way! Without experience you just wouldn't know where to look to fix even minor problems. It really pains me to be so negative, I would much prefer to encourage you, but it is the truth.


Pat. Pending
Pat, look at it this way, you ARE encouraging him to start at the beginning, rather then start with a project WAY too complicated, wherein certain failure would occur. Getting a good handle on the basics of electronics and some solder practice will put him on the road to success rather than failure.
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