Launch It Prize?

Hey guys,

What should we give away as a prize for a Launch It! contest? Toss out some ideas- we particularly like to give away tools. I may use or ignore your suggestions upon whim. ;D

This is a sort of a medium-sized short challenge; details very soon.

ETA: Launch It! Contest Info

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Coffee. You should give away freshly roasted coffee. I know of someone who could sponsor a contest or sell it to you at cost.... Just PM me. That would be the best prize. :-P
superasian3310 years ago
50mw?!?!? that sucks try a 250mw, although the color doesn't really matter
I think the prize should be a 50mw green laser, THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME!!!
bedbugg210 years ago
would a bow be suited for this challenge (i havent entered one before on instructables)
canida (author)  bedbugg210 years ago
Yes, it certainly would!
Entry info is here; just make sure to put up a short demo video showing off your finished product!
bedbugg2 canida10 years ago
exellent il start tomorrow,thx canida
Kiteman10 years ago
Launch what? Some advance hints about the contest would help us ... prepare.

Maybe the prize should be relevant - if you're launching a boat, make it a Victorinox Skipper or Helmsman. If it's launching aircraft, they do one with a bilt-in Altimeter

Tools... I already have a Leatherman, how about a toolbelt? Sew on an Instructables patch somewhere prominent (one of my patches is on the overall jacket I wear in the shed).

Or maybe one of Make's kits?
Kiteman Kiteman10 years ago

Either a floating thing or a flying thing....

It's either a boat, a plane or a rocket.

Rats - I've already done my most original 'plane, and my rocket. I'll have to come up with a boat, then...

Unless it's a cannon?

Oh, come on Canida, let us knoooowwwww!
It's not about floating. Sow with that is there something along the lines of a tool and going airborne that you can think of? wow, it's hard to tpe on a moving bus..
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