Lead guitar

ok, Danny posted his "lead guitar" instructable, and he won't let me edit it, even though i have tried before, so should i make my own????

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Danny9 years ago
You can gladly collaborate with me again because i welcome knowledge from other players i have rules however. 1. Dont edit what i or others have done (you broke it) 2. Send me a pm telling me what is being added so i can approve it 3. It has to make sense. 4. Dont edit my notes!
Metal4God (author)  Danny9 years ago
but where on the ibanez u marked it all wrong, i was trying to make them right
Danny Danny9 years ago
if you are interested respond. oh and any other players wanting to collaborate then just comment.
gmoon9 years ago
It's an inexhaustible subject, so sure.

Just try not to duplicate content from other ibles. And include links to the others from yours, so people can get the info you don't include...

Also, it might be more useful to limit the scope of your ible: not Learn Lead Guitar, but rather (for example):

How to Play Metal
Riffing vs. Lyrical Lead Guitar
How to Tap
Power Chords 101
How to Finger Pick
How to Play Guitar and Sing (at the same time)
How play Artificial Harmonics, etc.

The list is endless...

(WWJP? A Fender? A Les Paul?)
Metal4God (author)  gmoon9 years ago
i like them i'll end up doing all of them
gmoon Metal4God9 years ago
Make us proud... ;-)
Is lead guitar a kind of music? Well if it has better info or a better way to show the info, go for it. You know the "Kiteman Laws," just go look at those.