Learn about Britain, or Scotland, or Irland, directly from those that live there.....

For those that do not live in one of the countries mentioned in the title, did you ever want to learn, first hand, what that country and the people are like?

Well, here is your chance ! At a link Known as Be a Brit Different they present a few persons willing to answer questions and share what they and their country are all about.

Picture of Learn about Britain, or Scotland, or Irland, directly from those that live there.....
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Kiteman9 years ago
"The major cities of England's North Country, Manchester and Liverpool, are each about two hours from London by train."

Don't these people look at maps?

I think that claim would be challenged by a few people in Leeds, York, Halifax, Darlington, Hartlepool, Preston, Sunderland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sheffield, Carlisle ...

If you want the non-glossy-brochure version, ask any of the 'iblers that actually live and work there.
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
Maybe they need to catch the train, first hand experience!
Kiteman ll.139 years ago
Cheaper to fly. Or hire a car.

Heck, it's cheaper to buy a car, then scrap the car, than it is to go by train.

(Seriously - return tickets for my whole family, from my home town to central London, bought on the day, cost at least three times more than my car is worth).
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
xD a little Rover Metro / £450
ll.13 ll.139 years ago
or just hire a car...
Kiteman ll.139 years ago
Just for fun, I looked up my car on ebay - just as i was looking, one the same age, with less mileage, went for only £60...

On the bright side, it's insured for £1000.
How much is that? Like 60 bucks?
$120 -it's almost pocket money for a lot of kids.... xD
You can get a europeancar for 120 bucks??

I gotta get one of those...
You'll get killed by the insurance - I pay over 200GBP a year, and I've been driving over twenty years. New drivers, or drivers with no UK history, can end up paying thousands every year.
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