Leatherman Juice?

Are they going to be offered as for contests prizes again? =)

(well, not specifically Juice) ;-)

Picture of Leatherman Juice?
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pizzadox7478 years ago
can any one tell me how to get the instructables leatherman!!!!!
lawizeg9 years ago
I think they should give out swiss army knives. I have one, but it's like the worst one you can get. Plus, i didn't even buy it.
I need a new subscription to Make ~hint~..
I don't get the hint.
I think they should give those away again. I want one. :P Along with the "My Special Stapler".
Special Stapler- That reminds me that I made an automatic staple shooter once... It shot 5 staples a second, and they went about 20 feet.
By the way, I do wish they would give them away again.
Kiteman9 years ago
Turn that Leatherman over - what does it say on the other side?
ll.13 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Haha! yes, it does! (or, it is!) xD

google> kiteman+leatherman site:www.instructables.com =P
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