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Hey everyone, I have built many projects and gained many followers. After building many projects out of knex, I think i may be coming to the end of my building with knex. I don't want this to end but whenever I try to build nothing ever seems to work. Well i hope to have at least 3 more instructables up, maybe less or more. I just don't have the inspiration to build anymore and I hate to stop building. What do you think i should do?


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DJ Radio6 years ago

KnexFreak360 (author) 6 years ago
I will be making one more gun for sure, then see what to do from there.
Sorry to say but this is an old topic. Its rather frowned upon to bump old topics.
I know
Kiteman6 years ago
You are aware that there are more materials than K'NEX?
Most of the people who are leaving are because there are no innovations in Knex guns. But, they don't think about what else they can build besides guns...
Yeah, like air powered turbine engines.
Way to spam!
lol =D
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