Im leaving.  dysprosium will be finished, but not shared. oh well. bye.

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caitlinsdad7 years ago
Bus leaves at 11. Don't be late. Let us know what you find in the real world. Good luck.
Seems harsh....
Not really if you are able to discern the real world sarcasm implied in such a response to Knex'ers all announcing they are leaving en masse.
Randomguy657 years ago
Epic Fail. (again)
Ill share his ball machine. Im his twin brother so if you do want to see Dysprosium, please subscribe!!!
knexfreak957 years ago
Another fail.....
lemonie7 years ago

See ya later dude.

Kiteman7 years ago

And after I made you two cool avatars?

(So much for gratitude...)
coolknexcreations (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
This is my last comment!!! :o Yeah those avatars were cool, but my twin brother is just starting! His name is purple waffles. and he commented on Hiyadudez Cyclops.