Led powered by 9v

Hi all. I am new to this forum and need some help. I want to mount an led strip to the bottom of a roller skate. Everything I find already made up requires 12v. I need to keep the setup as small as possible for mounting reasons. How could I go about making a 12vdc led circuit work off a 9v battery or how could I wire up some led's on a flexible strip powered by a battery. I am thinking 9v because I can purchase a rechargeable set without draining the bank account each time. Any suggestions are welcomed. I have about 6" in length to mount the strip to. I would like multi color led but one solid color would also be fine. Thanks again for any suggestions.

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kadris310 years ago
ultra bright LEDs can be had fm unclecytheledguy.com. with 9 volts (rechargables are usually 8.4vdc and 7.2 for the cheaper ones) u can series up two LEDs w a droping resistor. use ohms law to figure resistance.
supply voltage -6.8(forward vdc of two series leds) =left over voltage/.02=resistance in ohms. 8.4-6.8=1.6/.02=80 ohms. series and parallel these two until you have the desired effect. each string draws 20 miliamps.
an 8.4 batt has about 150ma or so total. certainly less than 200. if u need more info or clarification feel free to contact me . good luck w ur project. lite the world.
Are you on commission kadris3? I only ask because you seem to mention the same supplier on most of your posts.
no, just helping out a friend. he's lower than most of the highly tooted suppliers to whom people refer. in some cases welton and others toot their own horn. most readers can filter. i actually use the url less than 24 % so your 100% is unfounded. i teach electronics so most of my stuff is instructional in nature. many are new and lack my 50+ years of electronics experience. if you are unhappy, feel free to avoid my posts. good luck. lite the world.
You are not being truthful there are you?

Anybody who knows how to use a search engine properly can find out that:

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BTW: I'm not unhappy -you made me smile ;-) <Big Thanks>

As for "lite the world" - just why would I want to do that exactly?
One more thing... Do a who.is lookup on www.unclecytheledguy.com I had an ear to ear grin when I read it :-P
Yep, that explains where he got his user name. Cheers, Pat. Pending
rsfaze (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
why hijack my thread to talk about this?
Very sorry rsfaze but it's here that he posted his advertisement and here that it needs to be addressed. If the commercial spammers aren't brought to task then the whole site will suffer not just your thread. I am sure your thread will survive and people will continue to give you advice if you need it (hopefully advertisement free!). Cheers, Pat. Pending
rsfaze (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
I understand and do thank all of you for your advice. I found a few sites on this site that I will be ordering. I have to break out my soldering gun and start practicing. Its been awhile and the kits I ordered do not come assembled.
There are a number of soldering instructable on this site if you need some pointers. Will the LED's be visible from the side of the skate or will they be on the bottom of the skate and be visible when you lift it ? Ultraviolet LEDs would be really cool as they would cause the ice around the skate to fluoresce giving a (perceived) floating effect. I don't think these would work in bright light conditions though. Another thing that might be worth considering is to use laser diodes projecting down onto the ice. The lasers would trace out the motion of the skates onto the ice. Cheers, Pat Pending
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