Lego Chess Set - motorised, $32k, 100k bricks

Using 32 Lego mindstorms bricks, 100,000 Lego bricks (though adding up the stats from their site it's 97,015) and costing roughly $30,000 this Lego chess set that will be on display at Brickworld next week is truly amazing.

Check out the detail on the pieces, I love how the knight's legs move as it travels the board. Though I was really confused until I realised they HAD to move the pawn out the way before the knight could move.

The whole lot took a year to plan and build, led by 4 main people and helped by 23. Their site has more stats on how it was done and what it involved.

[via Make]

Picture of Lego Chess Set - motorised, $32k, 100k bricks
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Pwn2own6 years ago
One word comes to mind "Skill". The level of detail in these peices are mind blowing!
I love lego mindstorms.
Lindie6 years ago
Really nice!
nickodemus6 years ago
My first concern when watching the video was, "How would the bishops squeeze between the other pieces?" But they thought of that. The other pieces move in conjunction with the bishop. :) This is really amazing.
lemonie6 years ago

That is so very good, whilst at the same time being "mental".

PKM lemonie6 years ago
I think the recognised term for people who have undertaken unnecessarily difficult tasks when easier alternatives exist (as I was branded for writing my entire 11,000 word dissertation in LaTeX markup by hand in a text editor) is "mentalist". Perhaps every Instructabler is a little bit of a mentalist :)
lemonie PKM6 years ago

I know I am...

Goodhart6 years ago
very cool :-)
kcls6 years ago
Pretty awesome. The knight's legs moving are cool.
jeff-o kcls6 years ago
I kinda wish they'd made ALL the pieces move in some way.
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