Lego Electricity Generator

Now i was cleaning up my room and found this lego generator. So i opened up the lego block and got the generator.
I don't know any of the specs for it, and don't have a multimeter or something handy to test the out put.
I assume the black thing is the capacitor, it has this written on it:
Some is hidden against the casing of the generator.
What's the point of the magnet i move around in the video?
Well aswell as helping me with that is there anything i could use this for?

(Which is side is + and - ?)

Picture of Lego Electricity Generator
Punkguyta10 years ago
It's actually from a motor brick found in most lego mindstorms kits. I've seen where you can hook one up to another motor and when one is spun, the other spins aswell, this is a good example of how current moves. And yes that is a diode in place basically like a fuse.
photozz10 years ago
Actually, this looks to be a standard DC motor. The black thing would be a diode. Diodes allow electricity to flow only in one direction. Placing one across the terminals like this is typically done to prevent a surge of current from flowing back to whatever circuit is controlling the motor. Now, you can use a DC motor as a generator. when you apply electricity to it, it spins, if you spin it, it produces electricity. As far as how much you can generate with a small motor like this, I would say not much. It all depends on the way the motor is would and how fast you spin it. there is a formula for it, but I don't know it off the top of my head.
hey not sure what you meant about the magnet and in the video it isnt clear but as soon as you said magnet and generator i straight away fort that its a magnet to turn a generator to create power im not sure message me back to tell me
bigpinecone11 years ago
there is no + or - it all depends on which way u spin the motor and the voltage changes, it is higher when spun faster and less when spun slowly