Lego Stop Motions

Does anyone here make stop motions? I made my first one today. The program I used was called FrameByFrame. It's easy to use, but it destroyed the quality of the pictures.

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Sorunome5 years ago
Why is this in the knex category? xD
It's cool anyways :)
I'm making a couple today, I'm not sure if I can put it on here but I will try Tomorow, coz its really cool
ajleece8 years ago
I would ask why this is in the K'Nex forum, but then I saw who posted it.
and we dont have a lego forum as well.
One would expect that if they have a K'nex forum, they'd have a Lego forum. I wonder why they don't. There are some lego entries and I'bles posted, probably enough for it to have its own forum.
i also make stopmotion films. check this out:
KentsOkay8 years ago
I do, I use my video camera's stop motion feature
lemonie8 years ago
They are showing some good quality Lego animations.
Maybe it's partly down to your camera & lighting? I notice that your camera (or Lego) moves about and it's not that bright.

bakenbitz (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Could be, as I don't have a tripod. I'll try it again sometime with different conditions.
Brighter lighting can help. What sort of camera are you using? L
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