Lego Transformers: Aerojet Now With Video

Remember that jet I posted a while ago? Get ready to see it again! Here's a video of it's transformation.

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codystar557 years ago
could you post instructions?
 that is the best lego robot i have ever seen in my life!!!5 stars
codystar558 years ago
awsome!!!!! can you post instructions?
ferrari4849 years ago
Wow!!!!!!!! that is so cool
alecgates1510 years ago
Awesome! but I think there's something wrong with the camera... It's was 1990 17 years ago.
Mepain (author)  alecgates1510 years ago
Yeah, um... Yeah. AIM?
Whaleman Mepain10 years ago
Yeeeaaaahhhhh, look! A manbearpig!

*oof* ha ha! you'll never catch me now! Oh, whoops, I think that fall broke my leg. I'll just carry it to the cab..... You'll never catch me!
Pat Sowers10 years ago
OMG!!! Show that to the Lego company they could pay you for it.
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