Let's get making!


Well, summer is almost here, and that means 2 months (in my case) of pure FREEEEDOM!!!!

And what better way to spend the summer than catching up on a year and a half of making?

Some things have happened back here, so I don't have as much freedom as I'd like. My grandfather is staying with us, so I don't have as much free time since I have to take care of him.

Anyway, here's my checklist of things to make. If I make something, I will cross it out. My goal is to at least make 7 of these:


What about you guys? Got a list ready? Suggestions?

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jakee1178 years ago
probably some potato guns...perhaps some dagorhir weapons for sparring. and I will continue to work on my airsoft guns...
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
-Learn to program my arduinos -do something with robot vision -help finish a robot I've been working on -build an interactive surface (maybe develop something for the sandtable?) -Finish my workbench -web triggered bubble machine
Plasmana8 years ago
I don't have much plans, other I am hoping to complete my solid-state tesla coil when I get my hands on a pipe... :-)
I have several ideas... Chastity belt Book headboard Book flower pot Fabric TARDIS Learn to crochet And about eight million things I want to cook...
Chastity belt? I have nothing planned, I have two very unpleasant courses this summer, one difficult, one tedious.
Isn't that from a movie or something...?
ummm, it's a historical device designed to ensure fidelity.
Oh yeah, come to think of it I remember reading about it...but why would you want to make one...
I can not conceive of a reason to make one.
Can't think of anyone else that's done it. I'd like to do a modern take on it. :P Plus, it was on the ibles projects board when I visited last summer.
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