Lever Action Rifle MODS

A few modifications I made last night to knex mad's Lever Action Rifle.

Modifications include: Better Lever, more comfortable handle, and some barrel mod's.


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~KGB~7 years ago
Raikou-san (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
Thanks. Do you have any ideas for more mods? I'd love to hear some.
no problem! nope sorry, im leaving knex pretty soon...
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
im not, that was ages ago...
chopstx ~KGB~5 years ago
LOL like 27 days
~KGB~ chopstx5 years ago
like over 1 year
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
I was kidding!!!
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
i  know lol
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
Oh! I thought you thought that i was thinking that you thought about thinkng you were going to leave!
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