License plate spray to emulate (PhotoBlocker) existing products

I want to learn how to make my own photoblocker spray so I can use the tollway without my plates being photographed. I know PhotoBlocker already works but wondering if you geniuses can come up with an at home, DIY for this purpose. MANY thanks!

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Chicken22099 years ago
mythbusters disproved all the commercial plateblockers so i dont know if its worth it
Mythbusters is entertainment masquerading as science. It is at it's best sloppy science and at worst science-like goofy fun. Take anything they do with a grain of salt. Or a few more. Though, I wouldn't be suprised if the plate blockers actually didn't work too well.
zachninme 8bit9 years ago
If you don't mind me stealing something from another "entertainment masquerading as science" -- xkcd makes an excellent point.
Hear, hear! Adam and Jamie do get the details wrong, but the process is the key, and (at least in the first two seasons) they hammered home the process very effectively.

I don't just play a scientist on TV, I really am one
Are you suggesting you were in that documentary?
I wondered who that guy was when I watched it the other's surreal to actually meet him...
Like... Meting Bill Nye.... or Brian Greene...
ZOMG Bill Nye!
Bill Nye the Science Guy, I presume.

As opposed to Bill Nye the Pirate of the Carribean (among other roles)
Yes, I watched Bill Nye since I was tiny-I literally can't remember a time when I did not watch his show.

Pirates of the carribean? He was in that? Hmm...I didn't see the movie, I'll search youtube for a clip...
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