Lifehacker not formatting right in firefox

Recently, for some unknown reason, firefox started displaying the following pages very strangely: lifehacker, io9, and gizmodo. They all have a similar set-up but I can't figure why they don't display correctly. Below is a screenshot of the problem. If further images are needed they can be provided. Any ideas please comment or PM me. Thanks.

Picture of Lifehacker not formatting right in firefox
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NachoMahma9 years ago
. Try clearing your cache - Tools:Options:Advanced:Network.
sardines454 (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
That didn't work. Any other ideas?
. hmmmm Not really. :( . I'd try the sites using another browser. If that works, I'd contact the offending sites. . Maybe turning off all add-ons/extensions/&c in FF will help. . Just guessing. I haven't had to do much tweaking on FF, so I'm not even familiar with what can be done, much less how to do it. I thought I did pretty good to figure out how to clear the cache. :)
I'm seeing the same problem with one installation of Firefox, but not on several other computers. All of them are running Adblock Plus, so I'm not sure why one breaks both Lifehacker and Gizmodo, but turning off Adblock Plus lets the sites display properly.
Well, I'm not sure where I picked up this filter from, but this is what's breaking LIfehacker and Gizmodo (and a few other things) for me:


And I think I can see the Adblock Plus icon in the above screen capture, so this or something similar is like the original poster's problem.
boxofish9 years ago
are you running adblock plus perhaps? i had this same problem with the gizmodo site as well. turns out it was a filter in abp.