Light Bulb Lamps

Oh what to do with the light bulb now that you're basking in the efficient glow of your CFLs? Well, you could convert them into these light bulb lamps as Sergio Silva has done. It's a pretty sweet item with neodymium magnets holding them in place on an included acrylic plate with embedded bits of steel.

However, the price tag is $650 for the set which is pretty flippin' ridiculous for what can be remade with scrap and $10 of materials, if that.

To be fair, the light bulbs Silva makes are sturdier than the regular item, are all made by the original artist, and are limited to a run of 66. So you're buying some design-y street cred before they get knocked off and sold for one-tenth the price.

via bbgadgets

Picture of Light Bulb Lamps
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codongolev7 years ago
my birthday is in may. I turned 15 in may of 2009, and then that may 11th post was after my birthday, the one where I turned sixteen.
I'm like 20 does that mean I win? I like winning things.
you win five internets. than you for playing.
=SMART=9 years ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is pretty much a molotov cocktail if that thing rolls off the table and smashes on the floor you have yourself a very big very on fire problem.
Actually, no. I remember quite clearly as a youngster attempting to ignite kerosene that had spilled on the ground (not on dirt, on the road), and I could not. Now, if you used something that had potentially explosive vapors like alcohol or (shudder) gasoline, then you DO have a potential for problems.
oh right :P, geuss i fell asleep in chemistry again...
hahaha you were an amateur arsonist then ? lol
until I nearly blew open my chest.....then I gave it up for safer hobbies, like High Voltage devices, etc. :-) I would be safe with them....I was scared to death of electricity when I was younger ;-)
how, pray tell?
stuffed an old CO2 cartridge with gunpowder, jammed in a fuse and lit went off prematurely and nearly opened me up like a gutted deer. I was very fortunate.
When my brother tried (unsuccessfully) to make a wooden cannon (as always) i volunteered to light it, the fuse burnt way to quickly and it exploded right in front of me leaving me deaf for a short time, the dizziness went away after a short time but i'm still a little hearing impared. Also i'm 12 so i didnt learn from my misfortune and i'm still lighting my homemade fireworks.
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