Light saber room light modification

I got 2 Remote control Light Saber room lights for Christmas. I want to mount them crossed, like a crest, but I want them to be operated independently. Both Remotes control both lights. I would like to be able to Change frequency? or something to make the remotes specific for the lights, so they can be changed/turned on and off independently. Any ideas?

lemonie6 years ago
What, like these?

caitlinsdad6 years ago
Are the remote controls IR light activated or by radio transmission. If by radio, you would have to mess with changing the crystal that determines the frequency and may not be able to mod it to transmit or receive on the new frequency. If it is IR controlled, you might be better off in trying to make some sort of shielded sensor, put the sensor in back of a tube to isolate it so you would have to directly point the remote control at it to get it to work. Kinda like when you have to aim the remote to get the TV or VCR/DVD player to work. Good luck.
CaptainMal (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
So Infrared is more linear (line of sight) and Radio control is more widespread? I did have some success by shielding the remote with my hand. It may be the best I can hope for. Thank you for replying! I Love this site!!!!!!!!!!
In basic terms, just think of your IR LED as a focused flashlight/torch that you have to get the bright spot on the sensor to trigger it. Radio waves bounce all over the room and can pass through some objects and is picked up by the antenna. The greatest strength of the signal is when you have a direct clear path between the transmitter and receiver.