Light up skateboard risers

So i found this instructable on making light up skateboard risers : and i have a slight issue with following it to the letter. My risers are not slim hard plastic wedges but instead are 1/2" solid rubber flats, so i want to know if anyone thinks there could be an issue with 'dremeling' a bit deeper than is neccessary for the electronics and taking advantage of the soft rubber by letting the exposed side seal itself against the bottom of my board when i bolt it into place so i dont have to glue the batteries as well as the electronics to weatherproof it?
To clarify, i intend to hot glue the LEDs, wiring and switch but not the batteries so that they're easy to replace...

Kiteman6 years ago
I wouldn't trust four corner bolts to provide enough of a seal when the rubber is not intended to be a waterproof seal in the first place.

If you don't want to glue the batteries, you can get battery holders online.
ambientvoid (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
thanks for the link, i had thought about some kind of battery holder but i didnt think you could get them for button cells... =)