Lightweight Speaker Enclosure

Im coming up to the third (hopefully waterproof) upgrade of my longboard mounted speakers.

Im looking for something pre-made like a square pipe or storage box etc, that i can use as an enclosure that has flat ends large enough to mount 6.5" PA speakers onto, is no wider than 8" and no longer than 2ft. It needs to be as lightweight but rigid as possible. Any ideas/links?

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ambientvoid (author) 6 years ago
Sorry for the poor quality images (bad camera), i took these when i put the last version together. I couldnt get back far enough to show the whole board but hopefully this should give you some idea of the current setup. The whole speaker 'system' is held on to a plywood platform by 4 bolts and lifts away when these are undone. The platform is 15.5" x 8" plywood 5mm thick, attached to the top of the longboard by the rear truck bolts.
I would get a couple of ammo boxes fitted with quick release ski-boot bindings and maybe do up the rest of the board in stealth fighter carbon fiber, take it on some secret mission to visit a compound somewhere...
ambientvoid (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Im not sure aout the ammo boxes, but the bindings sound like an interesting idea. Do you have a link to any projects which use them in this way?
Ammo box speakers here. You could pick any retention method but I was just thinking some kind of quick release to unmount the speakers easily and use it on another longboard.
It's too bad that the latching mechanism can't be used as the ammo box itself looks rather heavy
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Do you have an image of your current setup? Is this an outboard mounted boom box speaker cabinet or is it an integral part of the frame where the trucks are mounted? If we see what you want to do, I am sure we've got some suggestions.