Link procedure does not work

When trying to add links in my instructables, the link procedure does not work. I have tried everything, talked with Sarah on line, seen others solutions, gone to forum and looked at the same issue.....I assumed it was my computer, but if others have had the same issue, and there is a bug, it's not my computer. so....
What PRECISELY goes in "Link URL:"? Your example says:, do you put brackets before and after? do you type it EXACTLY as shown? I think I have done both and it doesn't work. Oh, and this message body box, when clicking on link, doesn't show the Link Name. Is link name the name of the instructable I want to link to? Is it case sensitive? can you cut and paste? Cman

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Creativeman (author) 8 years ago
WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT! are you guys talking about? I know you guys are trying to be helpful, but this makes absolutely no sense at all....I think I will just live with the issue...linking is not needed IMO. Thank you. Cman
1) Copy the URL.
2) Click the link button.
3) Paste it into the "Link URL" box.
4) Click "Add Link" (the "link name" doesn't work.)
5) Now just type what you want to appear--that's the displayed text. The cursor should be in the right place in the reply box after step 4. Easy (well, not as easy as it should be...)
[ ibles is here]
ibles is here
Goodhart gmoon8 years ago
I normally just use the
[ then paste in my URL then my text and end it with a ]
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
Simpler for daily posters, but it does require a bit of "programming syntax" (and must be remembered, too.)

If I'd explained that approach, I would have included an explanation on terminator or separator bytes (the space after the URL)--cause I just wouldn't be able to help myself. And that would just muddy the waters...
Goodhart gmoon8 years ago
:-) Understood ;-)
Creativeman (author)  gmoon8 years ago
Creativeman (author)  Creativeman8 years ago
gmoon, did what you said, see above....the text is orange, but the link just takes me to, not MY instructable....buggy buggy buggy......
Yes, there's a bug, but...

If you copy the URL of (one of) your instructables:

...and now paste that into the "Link URL" box:
[ ]

... and then type in your link text, after the URL string, but before the ending brace:
[ Make Fun Masks From Cardboard!]

... you get:
Make Fun Masks From Cardboard!

It is forcing you insert your link text manually, but it does work... You will need to copy the correct URL, which doesn't appear to have happened...
gmoon gmoon8 years ago
Which shows another display bug... Not exactly 'ibles fault--text is either "preformatted" or it isn't...
See Gmoon's explanation: it is about as clear is it can be made
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