Link to an awesome site

i figured this would be a good place to place this link... in the Guns and Weaponry group.

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Pbyrd9 years ago
When i click the link it says the page is unvailable.
wingman246 (author)  Pbyrd9 years ago
it must have been taken down or something... sucks... it told how to make a rocket launcher, and stuff like that...
lukeRAMBO10 years ago
hear is another awsome site

its about homemade hunting weapons
gotja10 years ago
cool but it looks liek the wepons athere are for actual killing jk but looks powerufl i migh tmake the semi auto gun and use airsoft
wingman246 (author) 10 years ago
heres a warning what you do with the stuff you learn from this site is your own damn fault, common sense please.