Linux Theme Gets Scarily Close to XP

Well, heres a kool little topic on lifehacker, i want to try it. BTW, if you look at the second comment i replied t it, lol

Picture of Linux Theme Gets Scarily Close to XP
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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Look at it as an intermediary, what better a way to get people away from windows than make something that looks and feels like it but works...
westfw9 years ago
Why copy, when it's so trivial to do better?
I would guess the point is to make people think twice about whether or not linux is a viable desktop option for normal people. Most people have only used windows boxes and even those at a beginner level. If you can configure linux to feel like windows then they will accept that linux CAN do what they want it to. They will likely be more accepting when a linux box isn't configured exactly as they are used to.
gmjhowe9 years ago
Man, thats like the worst. You could at least try and copy a good os like Mac os x like everyone else.
well now i understand why gnome is so unusable