Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge Winners Announced!

Instructables and Lion Brand Yarn are happy to announce the winners of the Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge!

We were incredibly impressed by the variety and creativity of your entries! There were over 450 slideshows with thousands of pictures, making it incredibly hard to choose winners. Check the Lion Brand group to see more great project ideas you might have missed the first time around.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing your projects, ideas, and patterns, and will definitely be hosting more great yarncraft contests in the months to come!

This contest may be over, but the Lion Brand group will live on! Keep on submitting your yarn creations to the group and share the wonderful things you make with the rest of the world!

Lion Brand Yarn Selections
Each winner will receive a $25 Lion Brand Yarn coupon, an Instructables patch and stickers.
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Instructables Selections
Each winner will receive a $25 Lion Brand Yarn coupon, an Instructables patch and stickers.

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yetieddy9 years ago
Why wasn't it told in the beginning that a Robot would pick the winners? Congrats to all the Robot picked winners!!!
trebuchet039 years ago
Awesome :) Some of the entries in this contest got inspired me enough to learn how to knit :) Just thought that would make some of the entrants happy :)
Am smiling here - because some of the entries inspire me to learn to crochet. I am a knitter, but want to learn to crochet based on what I am seeing here!!!
regisd BetsyW9 years ago
i find crochet much easier than knitting. i've made attempts at knitting a few times and just flail a lot, whereas crochet is the perfect level of fidgeting activity for me.
canida regisd9 years ago
It's definitely faster for me, and easier to make oddly-shaped pieces!

Knitting still looks more polished, though, which is important if making something to wear. I can also do it without looking too frequently, whereas in crochet you have to look down for every stitch, especially with those awesome fuzzy yarns.
Fruppi canida9 years ago
I definitely like crochet better because I find it easier to make more intricate and difficult things than with knitting. Basic knitting may be a little easier than basic crochet, but I had a hard time doing anything close to advanced with knitting. Knitting seems to be more popular though, because it seems easier to find cool patterns and most yarn stores seem to stock mostly knitting notions. Or at least that's been my experience so far! Maybe it's different in other places :).
Good for you! I bet they'll be especially happy that you're male. ;) Is there anything specific you'd like to try?
iwtmta9 years ago
i love the purple fans childs afghan could i get the instructions
babakers59 years ago
I was hoping I was going to win but didn't expect it because there were so much of a competition in this challenge. I did win and am soooo thrilled. I can't wait to get some more projects started now. YEAH!!!! Congrats to the rest of the winners as well. This was so much fun...
Your afghan is absolutely beautiful and was a deserving winner. It was a fun contest wasn't it? I got lots of great ideas and new patterns to play with in the future. Hope you will keep on making things - especially now you have $25 of yarn to play with - and post the results on the site.
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