Little Gem Guitar Amp Questions

I recently went to build the Little Gem guitar amp from Its a great little amp from what i have read. I made the basic heart of it so far. I have the four caps, resistor, IC socket, and its all connected. I think basically all thats on the breadboard for the PCB layout here: down).

I'm confused on where to put the two pots and connect power and all that. I don't have the gain pot yet, but i do have the 25 ohm rheostat. The rheostat has three prongs, would i use the middle leg for the "out" part and the other two for the other part? I can't seem to get it.
Also, is there a common ground between the input from the guitar, the 9v battery, volume pot, and output?

Help please!

I found a layout on Flickr that explains it, i think. See the third picture.

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This is a nice little circuit and does well with my cigar box guitar projects. I even made for my iPod but factored in a jack for a 9v power supply.
John Smith (author) 8 years ago
On the gain pot, would it be better to use a linear taper or audio taper one?
I've built two of these (my first ever electronics project), and used an audio taper for the first one. It works fine, but the gain is spread over the dial more evenly on the second one I made with a linear taper. Audio taper is much better for volume control, but I think the gain in this amp doesn't change the volume as much as it changes the character of sound.
gmoon8 years ago
Ha. This just popped up. It shows on my browser as a 220MDF which is OK (220uF.) If this is indeed your shopping cart you shouldn't have made it public. Delete your post ASAP...
gmoon gmoon8 years ago
Oh, and the voltage ratings are all OK.
John Smith (author)  gmoon8 years ago
Ok, and why shoudln't i have showed you my cart...? Either way I'm pretty sure those are the right things.
Well, I shouldn't have been able to view your cart, if the online merchant was setup in a secure manner... If viewable, it might be modifiable.
John Smith (author)  gmoon8 years ago
Oh, ha, no. I copied and pasted the information into my Google Documents thing, then made it public.
Either way I removed the links, so now its just a list. Here's the new link:

Tell me if you see any links.
Clever of you to copy it elsewhere. But are there links on that page? Yeah, there are existing links to Allelectronics (I didn't click on any...)
John Smith (author)  gmoon8 years ago
ok, its fixed. I removed all of the links and put a link at the top to my website where it has the page on it. Thanks there! Oh, and I save all of my invoices and stuff to Google Documents. From any computer with gmail i can look at them. Man i love gmail.
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