Live Chat with Instructables

We have a live chat to discuss our recent announcement, and anything else, scheduled for Tuesday, 2011-08-02, at 3 PM PT.  

Thanks to everyone who joined the chat and asked tough (and easy) questions! I think I only made a fool of myself twice.  Clicking on the play button of the video above takes you to Ustream to watch a recording of the chat.  

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jennie2416 years ago
To chat with website visitors, simply we can use 's llive chat. If want to chat officially, simply use CD Messenger.

lemonie6 years ago
My highlight....


(feed was on before start time, briefly)
I can't make the embedded chat work, so I'll ask this here:

(I realize I'm late, so sorry if this has been answered)

How long has this deal been in the making? Did it take a long time?
ewilhelm (author) 6 years ago
Post questions here, or in the Ustream chat window.
Chat's not working for me.
ewilhelm (author) 6 years ago
We will be recording and posting the chat for anyone who will miss it.
Expect that users watching the live stream may have random ad videos overriding the show on Ustream. Don't know if the broadcast originator sees it.
No we see it, it just plays before the beginning of the stream and really only takes a couple of minutes.
PKM6 years ago
For the non-pacific among us, add 7 hours for GMT or 8 hours for UK time- that's 11pm here.
lemonie PKM6 years ago

Oh, I was going to be in bed then... maybe not.

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