Where is everybody from? I'm from the Deep South... Mississippi. :)

Atlanta, GA, USA..
Gjdj35 years ago
Indiana... boring!
SpinWard6 years ago
Other Deep South...Near Lawrenceville Georgia.

Noodle936 years ago
Queensland, Australia.
Firebert0106 years ago
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Seattle, WA. soon to be Great Britain.
I don't like America.
Where to then?
I was thinking somewhere in the UK. likely Britain. I haven't done any research on it so I don't know.
If you can afford, live outside a city. What will you do for money?
no clue. I'm assuming people from Britain still require food, gasoline, etc, etc, etc, and that I will be able to find a job.
I meant "what kind of job are you planning to try for?"
oh haha. I'm used to people being sarcastic. I dunno, probably king of the world. but I'll probably start out working at a game store (warhammer, D&D, etc - think Genesis Games and Gizmos)
Haha, no offense, but don't count on it. I don't know about Washington, but game stores over on the east coast almost never hire (and it's probably no different in GB). Most people who work there like their job, and tend to keep it. If you think you can make it there trying for a job like that, go for it, but don't get your hopes up too high... Also, try to secure a job before you go over, nobody likes being stranded abroad without income.
Few and far between in this country, even Games Workshop is spread thin on the ground.

McDonalds would be an easier first job to get (if you can fill in the application form by yourself, without sticking your tongue out whilst writing, you're put on the fast-track to management).
Magicfap7 years ago
olympia Washington... (near seattle)
I live an hour and a half from Olympia!
Jakarta, Indonesia
w00ty326 years ago
Omaha, Nebraska boring place....
Kiteman6 years ago
This seems like an opportune time to resurrect The Map.
beado4ever6 years ago
The Peak District, UK
Firehunter6 years ago
the Netherlands (am I the only one? :P )
Joe Martin6 years ago
Hastings, England.
Labot20016 years ago
From Fort Lauderdale, Florida; currently residing near Atlanta, Georgia.
wesie426 years ago
Michigan, around metro detroit
Sydney, Australia.
tibby_6 years ago
Greeley Colorado
hethlee7 years ago
Illinois/Michigan/Pennsylvania.... Is that possible? (School, old home/bf home, new home)
Mag-Sec7 years ago
Belgium Antwerp Kontich
Long Island, New York
zus7 years ago
Limadito7 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
Eastest Anglia, UK
trebuchet037 years ago
School: Orlando/Oviedo, Florida Not School: Coral Springs (near Ft. Lauderdale), Florida
canida7 years ago
Oakland, CA; previously Boston.
Honus7 years ago
Boulder, Colorado
From? Bahstun, Ma.
San Francisco.
Dr. No7 years ago
North Pole, seriously
East Coast... Rhode Island... To the right of Connecticut and below Massachusetts (for those of you who don't know where RI is :P )

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